Fondant Starter Kit (25


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Fondant Starter Kit (25

The Fondant starter set comes with the professional fondant tools you need as a base to start making professional level wedding and birthday cakes.
It all starts with an extra thick, non-stick 25 inch fondant cutting mat. The perfect base to layout, measure, cut, and shape fondant and gumpaste. It’s one of the larger mats on the market and we know you’ll love the quality.
The 9 inch fondant rolling pin comes with spacers to help you get the perfect thickness, every time. It’s perfect for small projects, gumpaste, and decorations.
Last, but not least, is the fondant smoother. Its a very simple, but very necessary tool to help you get you get professional looking cakes.
We love using these products and we know that you will too.

  • Extra thick 25″ fondant cutting mat rolls up and stores well. It’s much sturdier and longer lasting than other fondant cutting mats. Laid out in 1 inch grid with circular guides every half inch, great for getting the perfect size fondant the first time.
  • 9″ fondant roller with spacers lets you get the perfect thickness for your fondant and gumpaste every time.
  • Fondant smoother lets you make perfect, professional looking cakes with ease
  • Quality products, tested and proven by professional and hobbyist bakers. You’ll love this starter kit.
  • The nonstick, sanitary work surfaces are perfect to help you get your fondant and gumpast perfect for wedding and birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more!
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